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Covid Update

Style Guide

***Notes to self:***
– I need a way to easily update this page so that both the code versions and rendered versions are visible.
– Figure out a process for who will update this page.

An intro paragraph about what this is.

Overall Vibe

– Words to describe the vibe. (Pick from a list? maybe I have them all listed here and you delete all but three?) Everything below will describe how we plan to achieve this vibe.

Look and Feel

– White spacing
– Use of photos (more candid? more posed? grab from social media? stick with stock? what type of people?)

Color Guide

– List of hex values
– Different lists for “strong/bold colors” vs “muted/subtle/background” colors

Chunking Tools

Builder presets

The builder notebox looks like this.

Builder CTA Button

Other chunking sections

Select 2-3 additional box/section chunking options to be used on this site.
(section_border, note div, another notebox style, hr or divider style, diy banner layout(s)

Text Styles

– blockquote
– font
– when to center/left/right align
– list styles
– toggle style


– list of fa icons to use

Call to Action

– Where should these go on the page?
– Button text for appointment booking (Book online? Request appointment? Online booking? Book appointment? Book Now? Appointments?)

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