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About Alpha Chiropractic

Two Decades of Caring for Denver

During the first five years of his career, Dr. O’Donahue worked beside another Denver chiropractor. This gave him a practical, real-world education in helping people get their lives back.
For 20 years, Alpha Chiropractic has been serving our community. Thousands have recovered from back and neck pain, headaches, arthritis, sciatica and injuries caused by car accidents. Each one is grateful for the relief they enjoy. All without the use of drugs or surgery.

Nothing brings us more joy than to hear how we’ve improved the lives of our patients. It begins with relief care and becomes a lifestyle that helps our patients stay well after they get well.

Our Mission

Dr. O’Donahue understands that pain usually brings people to the office, and his first goal is to offer relief. But there’s a bigger purpose to chiropractic care, and that’s to help you enjoy a great life.

Get Your Life Back

It would be our pleasure to recommend a care plan that can put this issue behind you once and for all. Share your health goals and let us help you achieve them. We listen.

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