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Jan 1, 2018 – The “Heal and Feel Better” Show With Dr. Bob

Listen in as Dr. Bob discusses an all-natural holistic approach to functional medicine where nutrition is the foundation for natural healing.


Bob Martinez: Local doctor in author Bob Martinez invites you to join him Saturdays right here on 99 point nine fm and feel better with Dr Bob, Dr Martinez of health and Wellness with central Florida discusses an all natural holistic approach to functional medicine with nutrition as the foundation for natural healing, trust management, nutritional and lab work analysis, health and lifestyle coaching, or just some of the benefits of chiropractic care, massage therapy, spinal decompression and neuropathy care is what he will address.

Bob Martinez: Rest and you heard right there, or Dr. Bob Martinez, health and wellness of central Florida. Good afternoon. I’m [inaudible] glad you joined us. Dr. Bombs in the studio once again for your health and your wellness because this is a show called healing feel better with Dr Bob and his practice is called health and wellness of central Florida. So we’re going to deal with your health, your wellness, uh, once again as we always do every Saturday right here on Nebraska. X Job 90 nine point nine FM. Thanks for tuning in. Dr Bob. Good afternoon. You run a guest with you today.

Dr Bob: Absolutely. I brought a great guest today and I’ve been waiting to bring her on for such a long time because she has a story that, uh, she was, she needs to tell you this story, but when I first met crystal, uh, we belong to a networking group and continue to see crystal just, um, you know, pass on by just talking in a conversation. And I just noticed that crystal was not 100 percent. I started noticing things about her physical being not being. She was sick and uh, her and I just started the conversation and now, and I told her what I did and so eventually she came to my office and, uh, we found some stuff. So, but I don’t want to take the, the, the talk. I, his crystal and a yes. Joe and I go back awhile and, uh, just tell me a little bit about, you know, about yourself and how, uh, we started our journey together.

Crystal: Uh, well Dr Bob and I met at a networking group that we do together for business professionals. Um, and I was pretty good about being pretty stoic, about feeling, feeling pretty terrible every day. Um, and Dr Bob and I, we, we became friends fast. We had a lot in common, great guy, about six months into our relationship. He said, you know, I don’t mean to be too forward, but are, are you well, are you genuinely, well, you know, I, I’m, I’m keen to, to pick up health concerns within people and I know I can, I can see it. You look a little flush, you have some darkness under your eyes, you know, you, you recently, you’ve even lost some of your, some of your sharpness. Um, and he was, he was a hundred percent correct a year before I had met Bob in my early thirties, I was having a mini strokes.

Crystal: I was having a lot of issues. Um, we were just continuing to treat one thing after another with a, with a general care from a general doctor. And I just wasn’t getting better. So Bob and suggested that I come in and we do a holistic approach and we break my blood down a wee break, urine samples down, and we really try to look at the root of the problem systemically, what is wrong with you and not symptomatically. And really that’s, that’s kind of how my health started getting better from there was just really looking at what’s the root cause of what’s really going on here.

Dr Bob: So if you don’t mind, I will. Absolutely. Basically, when I looked at her blood, the first thing that came out was she was iron deficient and it was to a point that I remember when she came into my office and talk to me, she was not, um, a hundred percent. She was actually very weak. She could not talk very good and she was very lethargic, tired. And so when I discovered the one other major problems, because there was other issues that I saw in the blood, but when I saw that, that, that her iron saturation was down in the dangerous levels. Uh, I then proceeded to, to suggest certain things for her to start to start really fast and so one of the things is I work with herbs and I gave her a herb that is concentrated in iron and so I told her, I says I’m going to to go ahead and take this.

Dr Bob: And I did not gave her something for digestive because she also was having some digestive issues and she, uh, went on the program and we also started working on getting her body clean because one of the things that I saw was some liver congestion, liver issues. So we put her on a program and a, in about three weeks after she was done with the initial, a protocol, I saw her. I mean her life hurt the luster, turn her eyes. That darkness around her eyes started dissipating and she was started feeling really, really good. And by the end of five weeks, I mean, I’ve never seen no. Crystal is very sharp, very witted. I love her because of who she is and how lively she is in them because I’ve met her before and when I saw her come back from that, that was what really prompted me to even go even further, but like being on a radio station and telling the stories, because there’s folks out there right now, they’re probably going through the same thing and they just don’t know what to tell you what to do.

Bob Martinez: Well, it’s funny. It’s not funny. It’s serious actually. But Crystal, I can relate to your story. I was in the same boat. I took that first step when I met Dr Bob and I’ve even hostile and I have known each other years in a past life years ago. Um, I’ve known Dr Bob for several years as well, and of course we have all met each other within networking groups in the community because we all work together, different community functions. But you know, the stories, it’s very serious. And when you take that first step, you make that choice, that decision to change your lifestyle. You’re glad that somebody is there that really cares about that. And that’s Dr. Bob, he really does.

Crystal: Oh, absolutely. I mean, I, you know, and Bob and I have grown extremely closest friends because of this because you have to understand, you know, I have to tell Dr Bob all the nitty gritty truth about, you know, why are we in this position in the first place and, and me having formerly had a drinking problem and having formerly, you know, have used certain things that were not good for my body. I didn’t, didn’t exercise, I didn’t, I didn’t have a good regimen as far as eating healthy and you know, you don’t know what you don’t know. So of course I had to be open minded, but I had gotten to know bob so I trusted him and I do deeply and sincerely a trust and admire and love him. But a night and day difference in just six weeks. I mean I could function better. I literally felt smarter. I felt sharper. I felt like I had my energy back. Actually friends, my family, everybody said, you’re a different person. These last two or three years you’ve been so just ill and and slow and sluggish and just not yourself and you’re not. You didn’t just come back to us. You’re a better, healthier, more lively person than we’ve ever seen you than we’ve ever known you as through through nutrition. Dr Bob gave me the tools and the knowledge I needed to make a change to my lifestyle to be healthier and better person. That’s amazing.

Crystal: I know because I took that step as well and had been through the first part of the program with Dr Bob so far. It’s just the beginning. I mean I feel great. I’m sleeping better. I abused coffee actually was my vice and I didn’t realize how bad coffee was to your body until I got off of it and carbohydrates and other thing. Sugar as well. You know, I used to crave sugar and I used to reach for anything that was in the room. Everything has to have sugar in it nowadays, but now when I grab something now that I’m off the first part of the program, I decided to, you know, grab a little something that has sugar in it. I didn’t realize it at first, but I could feel the difference and how it affected my body. I was like, what’s going on here? And then I looked at the package and it was sugar in it, but oh my gosh, that’s what it is. Because I’d given up sugar for this, this first part of the program, which is a detox and I didn’t realize how bad it was on my body.

Dr Bob: Yeah. People know I have a patient that just came in and she’s doing the program as well and she’s been with me now for almost a year and she said the other day she went and she took some sugar at nighttime. She just happened to have a, some sweet and she said, next day she woke up and she felt like she was hung over and I said to her, well, trigger does turn into alcohol and that does affect your body in a way that just takes a lot of your energy to crystal. She is so great because she’s so excited. She’s had so much energy and her and I. and there was another person in the inner room. Um, we started talking about the website that she saw about cancer and then she started talking about the, how much he learned, how much sugar does damage. And I tell you, crystal crystal took the conversation and I’m just amazed and how much crystal knows just from, from the little experience he has filled her, her mind with, with so much knowledge about nutrition. I mean, she is now probably my teacher because I mean she is out there. She’s really telling people, you know, she’s passionate because, I mean, this is finally, you know, um, because you went to quite a few doctors.

Crystal: Yeah. I went, I went to a lot. I mean, in 31, 30 2:33 years old, I’m a stroke as a. is it a t I a trans ischemic attack. And then OK, we’ll take, take baby aspirin everyday. OK, well then the heart started acting up. Well, your heart’s not beating regularly. We go and get whatever tests for the heart. Well, just keep taking the baby aspirin. And then here take this. Well, your liver tests are within range, within range. Ended up being what? A few points from catastrophic stage for failure. So it was, it was a wake-up call for me. And then, um, you know, it’s probably worth mentioning while we were looking into cancer, my rescue dog, that stage four lymphoma and uh, several veterinarian said Chemo or let them die. And I, I went into Dr Bob’s office in tears. I hadn’t slept in 24 hours. You know, we give our heart to heart hug. We talked about it with some research. He said, I want you to, to do these diets. We looked through diets together. We looked through supplements together. Ninety six days later, our dog is in remission. Ninety six days. No, veterinarians can find a single infection, a single trace of cancer, and they’re blown away and said, well, this isn’t possible. We must’ve misdiagnosis. I said, it is possible. It’s nutrition. It’s what saved my life. I

Dr Bob: know folks are way when it comes to now. Crystal is my family. She’s so close to me that when she came and talked to me, I, I’ve, I read a book, it’s called [inaudible] cat and basically this doctor, what did is gave this cat are these the normal cat food and, and things like that. And what he found was, is that the cat was getting sicker and was getting heavier and sicker and all of a sudden would, he did it, started giving the cat, just me, which is what, you know, what animals supposed to be brought up. So from that idea, I told crystal listen, you know, just, you know, don’t give them any type of dog food. Just give them, give him a meet, you just give them good meat, vegetables just. And then, um, the company I deal with, they have a small product for, for immune support.

Speaker 3: And I just told her to just give her that I did not expect is matter of fact, I was taken by surprise because she just stood up in front of the networking group and she says, I just got to tell you probably don’t know this. And I was just sitting there. I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say. So, but I’m not a veterinarian. No. But it was just a suggestion for maybe to see. And I mean this goes back to what I, what I tell people, if you give your body an opportunity to do what it does best, it will heal. Now I’m not saying I’m not making the statement diseases going to be cured or anything. I’m just saying as far as from a function perspective, your body that are less toxic, you are, the better your organs are functioning, the better your body’s going to be able to work to give you what you need. Which is you. Why your health.

Speaker 2: Yes. And you’re not a veterinarian, but your humanitarian because you care about humans. You care about us about life. Yes. And that health and wellness with central Florida, their goal is simple to help patients of all ages live better and healthier lives.

Speaker 3: That’s why I chose a health and wellness of central Florida and I understand that there’s a lot of companies out there using the health and wellness. I just didn’t want to name it that I wanted to basically mean something. So everything that I’m doing in my office, it’s really focused in getting health restored, helping people get their health

Speaker 2: back. We’ll check it out for yourself. Folks. F, l, a dot [inaudible], health and wellness. And Central Florida. Online you can see for yourself or give their office a call today at three, five to six, eight, six, one, six, eight, six. Hey, if j w you can do it, you can do it too. And if crystal can do it, you can definitely do it. So we’re going to take a quick break, give you a little more, more information

Speaker 1: about health and wellness. So central Florida with Dr Bob, a program called heal and feel better with Dr. Bob heard right here on a wax job. 90 nine point nine FM. Be Back after this, folks at health and wellness of central Florida. We’re not just adding years to your life, but life to your years. Nutrition is the foundation of our systematic approach to functional medicine, Chiropractic Care, and even neuropathy relief, starting with our nutritional plans and personal coaching techniques. Dr Martinez with his team, formulates a protocol based on synergistic treatment, correcting the underlying issues and not just treating the symptoms for a complimentary consultation. Call today, [inaudible]. Begin to put the life back into living with health and wellness up central Florida that health and wellness. It was central Florida. We dig deep to uncover the root causes of your health concerns, correcting the underlying issues instead of treating. Symptoms are nutritional plans will help you feel and look and perform better by using all natural, holistic and functional methods of health and lifestyle. Coaching, massage therapy, chiropractic and neuropathy. Care with convenient locations to help you feel and heal better. Call today for a complimentary consultation and begin to put life back into living. Three, five, six, eight, six, one, six, eight, six. Or is it h w c f l For more information

Speaker 2: With a location in Spring Hill, [inaudible] Maryknoll boulevard makes it close and convenient to you or without the outlying areas there and lutes. There’s also another location, the phone number to call those three five to six eight six one six eight six. If you missed it, we’ll give it to you again later in program. AWC. That’s h w, C for Health and wellness of central Florida. H W C F l Check it out for yourself. Take that first step like crystal and myself. Have done Dr Bob. Uh, once again, health and wellness is central Florida. Their mission isn’t just to get you well is to keep you well through natural and effective chiropractic care, functional medicine and massage therapy plus a whole slew of other things that his staff is prepared and experienced in. So Dr. Bob. Thank you once again.

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